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Merlin iPhone 5 EMF Absporption Case



37,95 €

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Block harmful EMF radiation emitted by your phone

Captures and dissipates up to 90% of EMF in the form of heat.

Merlin's iPhone 5 EMF Absorption case is a nifty solution to the problem of
ever- increasing amounts of harmful EMF radiation in our everyday environment.
Cut down on the EMF emitted by cell phones, one of the worst offenders, with this
unique case.
It also doubles as a additional layer of protection and is rubberized to provide
an enhanced grip.
The Merlin iPhone 5 EMF Absorption case absorbs EMF waves in a 360° radius
and dissipates them in the form of small amounts of heat.
The case features a flip cover that is bound by a magnetic flap for easy and
ergonomic use.
The Merlin iPhone 5 Absorption case is the world’s only patented EMF wave
absorption phone case
Protect your body from the numerous documented ill effects of unnatural EMF

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