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Merlin 3 in 1 Power Bank



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Whether you're looking for the perfect travel companion or a spare home/office
charger, Merlin's 3-in-1 Power Bank fits the bill perfectly with built-in cables
for all Apple devices, including the iPhone 5, and Micro USB devices. Tired of
running low on power at the worst possible time? Turn to this 4,000 mAh
lithium-ion battery pack, which provides up to 65 hours of additional cell phone
talk time while also recharging your iPod, MP3 player, PDA, digital camera, iPad,
and any other USB gadget.

Equipped with Merlin's Smart Digital technology, the battery pack is a must for
travelers who expect to be away from a power source for days at a time.
The battery pack comes equipped with in-built charging cables for Apple and
Micro USB devices - which combine to fit more than 90% of portable consumer
electronics. Simply put, any device that can be charged via USB can be charged
by the 3-in-1 Power Bank.

In Depth
-Battery type: Li-ion battery
-Battery capacity : 5000mAh
-Rated input : 1A
-Rated output : 500mA, 1A
-Apple 30-Pin
-Apple 8-Pin (Lightning)
-Micro USB
-USB (input port)

-37.2 x 25 x 15 mm

-150 g

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Merlin 3 in 1 Power Bank

Merlin 3 in 1 Power Bank

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