Merlin Child Locator Phone



The Merlin Child Locator Phone allows you to accurately view your Childs location.

You can view the location only after entering a password to ensure privacy,
and a detailed map with real time location information can be viewed on any PC
or Smartphone.

The intuitively designed speed dial buttons make the phone a joy to use for
children of all ages – and the keys can be easily programmed to hold important
numbers like of the guardians, driver or nanny.

-Four Speed-dial Buttons to save important Numbers – like Mom, Dad, Nanny etc
-GPS function through either SMS Txt or Computer software
-Voice monitoring + Timed report for more security
-Computer software provided for easy setup

The Merlin Child Locator Phone has all the essential features of a cell phone –
and allows children to make phone calls when they need to. With only 5 preset
phone numbers available (including 1 emergency SOS number)

-Real time positioning information can be obtained by sending a TXT message to
the tracker phone any time during the day
-Set the tracker phone to periodically report its location to you, so you know
exactly where your kids are
-Voice Monitoring function lets you instantly listen to sounds from your Childs
-View the exact location of the phone from any PC or Smartphone.
-The phone has a highly sensitive GPS tracker built in
-Flashing light to indicate calls from different family members
-Get location information via SMS or our Web Service Platform


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