Syze me Kamerë SEC-DVRSG10

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KONIG SEC-DVRSG10 Sunglasses with camera 

These sunglasses have a built-in hidden camera and microphone for recording on a Micro SD card (excl.). Ideal for security purposes; security people can wear these sunglasses and record everything they come across for evidence. Also very suitable to record your sporting activities, for example skiing or cycling. 

• Camera lens: CMOS 1.3MP 
• Video resolution: 640x480 
• Video format: AVI (30fps + audio) 
• Video file size: +/- 20 MB/min 
• Recording time: > 90min. on 2GB Micro SD card (not incl.) 
• Photo resolution: 3264x2448 
• Photo format: JPG 
• Angle of view: 60° 
• Supported cards: Max. 16GB Micro SD card 
• Water protection: No 
• Power: 5V/500mA 
• Battery: 400mAh lithium battery 
• Operating time: (4–5)hours/full battery 
• USB 2.0 port: Yes 
• Operating temperature: (0-60)°C 
• Weight: 48g

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